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I recently did a Q/A on my Instagram story, if you aren't following me yet, click this link (please)

I'm in the middle of exam season, and I needed a break so....

uhhh..... wordplay, puns, sarcasm, exaggeration, sardonicism. Learn more about these topics and practice.

Also, watch Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn 99, and The Office. After watching these you're bound to be funny(-ier than you were before)

Actually, I have no such plans for a Vlog right now, maybe later (when we hit 1000 viewers hehe). Right now I'm focused on writing and Instagram mostly. Thinking of starting a podcast....

Go to Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Blogger and start a page there I guess. There's not much to it.

I always had ideas to express, and my parents were getting annoyed each time I disrupted their work to tell them something :)

Yeah yeah, you do.

I have a PFP and you literally live two floors above me :(


Yeah someone answer this in the comments, please.


I have struggled with this, what I did was completely ignored the failure. But that was wrong.

Accept responsibility.

Look back at it from time to time.

Make future plans.

Try your best at the next challenge.

I, personally, think that if you compare yourself with others, you have inner work to do. Like deep-rooted insecurities to work on and inner confidence to build. Both can be done through self-love and self-acceptance.

Water your own grass first

Personally, I think it's a curse as I have no self-control when it comes to addicting activities. Therefore, I cut it off entirely. But, if you think you are disciplined enough to not let it affect your work, mental health, and social life, then sure, it can be fun.

1) Dropshipping

2) Marketing

3) Programming

4) Cinematography, Photography, editing

5) Social Media

6) General knowledge about investing in stocks, cryptocurrency, and real estate.

Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare

So what I like to do is to work a 9-5 during vacations.

What that means is, I wake up a bit late than usual (between 7-8 am) work from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening and then I hang out with my friends or watch a series(basically something unproductive.)

My favourite question yet, I used to deal with this on a DAILY BASIS.

My advice cut these people off, cause honestly they're stagnant in life themselves and are trying to pull you down to their level too.

Choose better friends, remember, if you hang out with 5 losers you'll be the next one.

It's also uncool to have an average life when you grow up so.... :)

My main goal is quite unrealistic, and it scares me sometimes, but I want to make a Billion dollars.

There are 3,288 billionaires in the world (2020 stats) out of a population of 7.6 billion. If I can be one of them, that would be really, really IMPRESSIVE.

But on the Plans side of things

I want to

1) Have a tech business that will change the world ( be a Harrison Wells, Flash reference)

2) Have a clothing brand.

3) Start a youtube channel, on how to become a billionaire when I become one.

4) Write a book.

Those were all the questions I got in 24 hours, TBH I had fun answering them all, maybe I should make this a monthly thing. Tell me in the comment section, if you agree.

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