Being a Teen in 2021.

No matter the size of the roof on our heads, the comfy bed, the "luxuries" of our life, being a teenager in 2021, is hard.

Handling unrealistic expectations, constant comparison, peer pressure, bad influences, sometimes can become a bit too heavy of a burden on a pre-adult to carry.

With this article, I want to help you become a true Alpha Teen:

  • Try/Give your best at everything you do: We all have strong areas in life, a sport, a subject, but being "alpha"? That comes with greatness, and greatness can only be achieved if you give your best at everything you do (even if they bear no fruit).

  • Stick up for the little guy: Everybody knows that kid at school, he isn't necessarily "cool", or maybe he's a bit weird, awkward, poor etc. Stick up for him, say hello, don't let others pick on him. Always know, that your actions can impact him in a gigantic way, and bring some light into his dark life.

  • Listen to your parents: They've got your best interest in mind, just don't go to them for fashion advice.

  • Embrace education: There is nothing more "Alpha" than knowledge. Acquire some, Spread some, Repeat. Remember this quote from a construction worker "An education is never too heavy to carry from a ditch"

  • Stay away from drugs, alcohol, smoke of any kind: Does nothing but damage, makes you take nothing but bad decisions.

  • Peer Pressure is not a thing: The "alpha" teen doesn't give in to peer pressure, he does what is right.

  • A good person: Being "alpha" isn't about being a jerk to everyone, it comes down to being respected and not feared.

I'm sorry if this was a small blog, I wrote this at 3 am :(

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