Ego is the Enemy. Or is it?

Just before my Pre-board exams, Ryan Holiday, a stoic author, really caught my eye. The Daily Stoic was such an exciting read that I decided to read more of his works, a really popular book of his, Ego is the Enemy. While Ryan Holiday is a really well established and talked about name in the Stoicism community (some might say as popular as Marcus Aurelius himself😯), I disagreed a lot with his thoughts in the book. While I'm no Ryan Holiday, I think I possess quite a lot of wisdom compared to an average 15 year old guy (that statement was filled with Ego, I apologize).

Ego is profitable. The Ego is a weapon. Ego might be the one thing that one could need to have a breakthrough. Ego is defined as a person’s sense of self-importance.

Sneako, a pretty favorite Youtuber of mine, made a fantastic 10/10 video about this.

If you have the ego, that you want to be better than other men, then you will go further.

You'll compete and push harder cause you're fighting for resources. Resources being respect, wealth or just bigger muscles ;)

The excuse most men give is that they wanna be the best version of themselves. You can only be the best version of yourself if you are in competition with others. The competition creates this urge and a fire-like drive inside of us to push harder than we normally would.

However, ego can only be profitable, IF you use it in a certain way. Which, of course, I'm gonna teach you how.

I'm 15, When I was 14 I started lifting, and I'm not gonna lie I started lifting for ego. I wanted to be more attractive and certainly more muscular than other guys. HAHA.

And guess what happened? I made significant progress.

Now I know... There are few people lacking self-awareness, who're thinking. "This guy is so beta he's lifting for other people *whine*"

Like, shut the hell up bro, maybe you just lack self-awareness and the humility to accept that you too, in fact, are doing it for other people. You wouldn't be posting "No pain No gain" selfies on Snapchat otherwise.

I went from a goofy kid in these two pictures, to a way better version of myself, in the video(that's 250 lbs.)

My ego fueled me to experience GROWTH.

If you try to self-improve without ego, you lose a lot of drive. Because you've already impressed yourself. You impress yourself fairly quickly, especially if you were a nerdy spurge before. The only reason you will ever

reach an elite level in a particular skill

is because you want to be better than someone else.

The self-improvement community is filled with a lot of soft men, who think competition is bad for you.

Ego generally is bad to have, If you use it in the wrong way. There is, however, a way to use it for your advantage, a mindset, a framework that one could hold to accomplish heights of man.

Every piece of work that you do, when you integrate your ego into your personality, becomes 10 times more impressive than it was.

The right way to use your ego, is to compete, to try to do better than the people around you. While, keeping the student mindset.

Here is an article on the student mindset by the Harvard Business Review.

Thanks for reading, this was more of an authentic rant/self-help blog. I'm sorry for my 4 month hiatus, needed to study for boards so my parents keep paying for my internet haha.

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