How to earn the respect of your peers.

Being someone who has been bullied, excluded, gossiped about, made fun of, and overall not taken seriously in the past, I find myself to be experienced enough to talk about how to earn respect from one's peers.

I'm too unmotivated to write a proper introduction for this post, so I'm gonna jump directly into the matter.

1) Build dominance and show self-confidence.

2) Prove your worth: People don't respect nobodies. Don't be one. Proving your worth can have a different meaning for each person, whether it be becoming head boy of your school, getting the promotion and climbing the corporate ladder, or out-performing a fellow athlete. Whatever it means for you, you should work towards it cause this step is really important for earning your peers' respect.

3) Talk less, listen more: Your words become powerful if you use them less, now read that again.

4) Assume the best, out of situations and people: Having a positive outlook on life will fix half of your problems.

5) Apologize and Admit mistakes: The easiest way to be perceived as a jerk and lose respect is to be an egotistical person who has the perfect self-image of himself/herself. Apologize and admit mistakes when needed.

6) Take Criticism.

7) Stand up for yourself: While apologizing is sometimes needed, if you constantly apologize, you'll be mistaken for a push-over. Stand up to that bully, Speak to your boss if you think you deserve a raise, tell your parents they don't appreciate you enough.

8) Help others: When people appreciate and like you as a person, it is hard for them to not respect you at the same time.

9) Respect everyone: You can't expect respect if you are a jerk to everyone around you, Respect commands Respect.

10) Do not Gossip.

11) Be inclusive and Show Kindness: When you are friends/on good terms with everyone, you automatically command respect.

12) Avoid inappropriate behaviour: If every sentence that comes out of your mouth has a sexist cuss word in it, it is really REALLY hard to take you seriously and respect you.

13) Learn conversational skills: Your stutter and wrong grammar is not something to be proud of.

14) Tell the truth: While some people might not like you for your candour, people will respect you for being honest anytime.

15) Build thicker skin and stop caring: Some people are carriers of negativity, nothing you do can change their behaviour towards you, ignore their existence.

I'm glad if I could help some of you, and I hope everyone's family is healthy and are taking the right precautions and staying safe.

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