How to Transform your life, for good this time.

Updated: May 2

So before I get into the “how”, you're probably thinking why you should even consider reading further, I mean I am just a 14 y/o boy.

Lemme draw you a picture of my life in May 2020.

It’s another day where my mother has had to drag my butt out of the bed at 11 am, I am 65 kgs(approx. 143 lbs). I have taken a shower, had lunch and now have sat down to pursue my only hobby, playing video games with my friends(it’s sad I even considered this a hobby). I’m stuffing my face with cookies and Aloo Bhujia(a common Indian household snack).

5 hours have passed, it’s 9 pm and it's dinner time. I’m watching a movie with my parents till 12 and then sleeping.

See how unproductive and borderline depressing that routine sounds? Yeah, hit repeat until you reach August 2020.

Everything is the same, except now I am 75 kgs(approx. 165 lbs). My parents regret giving birth to me(jk that isn’t true), I have a Beer belly(not made of beer, do not complain), and I have no friends, yay! This just got real.

I needed a change, even though I wasn’t in a hole as deep as one of the people I look up to, David Goggins was, I still needed to change.

And also I just want to add, gaming is for absolute losers. If you feel offended feel free to click off.

Now let us look at April 2021.

1) I am running a blog.

2) I have built a personal website.

3) I have been putting out guitar/piano cover videos weekly.

4) I have learnt Python.

5) I scored a 91% in my final exams.

6) I have successfully lost 12 out of the 10 kgs I gained.

7) And I suddenly have 5 friend groups to manage, Oh the fame! *hair flip*

So, now that I think I have convinced you that I am capable of helping you(I hope), I am going to start listing steps.

1) Lay down everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you want in your life from yourself.

- this is an important step cause you should always have your end goal in mind.

- do this exercise on paper.

- and stick the paper in a prominent place in your surroundings (ideally, a mirror)

2) Start small, cause I know you have 100 things you wanna change/add/remove about yourself.

- For example, pick ONE hobby up, Start studying ONE subject, Talk to ONE new person a day, etc.

- Notice how I have capitalized the ONEs there, that’s how serious I am about starting small.

3) Make a routine with your new habits in it.

4) Add a new habit to your routine regularly.

- For me maybe, I can add a new habit every day. For you, every day might me too much, who knows?

- Figure out what works best for you.

5) Meditate.

- The number of things you're going to be doing, it will get overwhelming, take some time out for yourself and your thoughts.

6) Reflect and see how far you’ve come.

- It’s easy to lose track of the AMAZING progress you’ve made, keep yourself motivated.

7) Manifest.

- I’ve put this as the last point, cause many of you don’t believe it works, and it did for me, so I do recommend it. It’s up to you :)

In the end, you need to decide what works for you, how you want yourself to be, how you want others to perceive you. You’re the master of your own life, go out and get it!

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