Is the Path to your Goal too hard to walk upon?

So I think everyone who is reading this blog currently has heard at least one success story in their life. Success stories! Feels so wonderful reading them right?

Be it Shah Rukh Khan or Narayana Murthy or our very own Golden Boy Neeraj Chopra. Everyone has read or heard about them and their journey to the top.

So let's admit, we all have imagined ourselves in their shoes. We all want fame and success and the wealth that they have and I think it's nothing wrong.

I'm sure some people around you are either successful or are on the verge of becoming successful. And being successful doesn't mean being popular or wealthy, being Successful is that stage when you are happy and comfortable with your work and think you are doing well in your life and at times, most of us forget about this thing. And you can also become a part of their lives by supporting them in their endeavors, promoting their business or startup, or just moral support. As we tend to change the norms and stereotypes of our society, we should also help those who are helping in spearheading those changes towards our society.

However, what's wrong is people being jealous of those who are trying to do something good for themselves and those who are prospering in life. Ultimately, It's you who are at loss. The consequences of being jealous and cold towards others and ruining your relationship with them, which could have brought you many benefits, will be harmful to you in the long run. The ax forgets, but the tree always remembers.

So avoid being in the bad books of other people. Yes, you cannot satisfy everyone in this world but at least be kind to as many people as possible and respect them. You'll surely earn them back in your life.

Also, I think, a lot of us feel that we are not talented or good enough just because we are constantly being bombarded with many talented people on our news feed every day and it makes us feel kinda scared to begin our journey because we think that we can never be as good and successful as them.

But when your brain gets into that loop, Just remind yourself that it took them so many years of hard work and struggle and they were just as clueless and scared as you when they began their journey. We have a bad habit of just seeing their highs but overlooking their lows. We don't see their struggles or failures or those feelings of "I SUCK SOOO BAD"

But the biggest takeaway from here is that you don't have to be talented to start something. Take one baby step after another towards your goal and you'll learn everything along the way. You don't need to have everything figured out. Nobody does. You just have to go with the flow and everything will fall back into place. Those baby steps will soon turn into huge milestones by themselves. Just trust the process and soon you'll feel that you've achieved a lot more than before. This works for everyone and everything.

Thanks for reading! And I also want to thank you all for the support you have shown me for the last blog. It's stuff like this that keeps me motivated to write more and share my thoughts with you all. After all, who doesn't love being wholesome?😄

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Happy Holidays to you and yours from Raconteur!!!🎅👪

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