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So recently, I gave my First Term Board Examinations and I think it went pretty good for me considering the paper went tough for so many people and there has been a lot of controversies regarding the papers too stating that some papers were hard and the passage provided in English Paper was misogynistic and I saw people legit crying that their parents would kill them for this kind of performance and that they would chastise them and say that their friends have scored better and stuff. For those of you who think that this scoresheet's gonna decide your future, Let me tell you an interesting story:-

"Once there was an average boy studying in 8th Grade, who wasn't that much studious and in fact, he was a terrible student in the class. He used to fail every subject and test. But, one of his teachers (unlike our teachers) was helpful to him and gave him answers to the test papers the day before so that he could bring at least the passing marks necessary for him to promote to the next grade. He barely passed the First semester. Thinking he could get away just like that with the second semester too, he went to his friend who worked in a printing press to give him the answer key for the semester's test, but he didn't get anything. That's when the urge to perform good and the desire for success rose within him and he later finished 5th in the second semester. For his intermediate or pre-university course, he moved from his small city to Chandigarh. As events would have it, he could barely pass even in 11th standard with 39 per cent marks.

However, he picked himself up again and eventually managed to clear the much-coveted Joint Entrance Examination which landed him at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. But it’s not as if life got back on track for him. After all, IIT Delhi is a place that attracts some of the brightest minds from across the country. He struggled a lot with competition, many people turning out better than him and he got into the same loop one more time. He wanted to build a food ordering startup in 2010 with people interested in his ideas. But perhaps his idea was too ahead of its time and thus, his startup failed (for now). He later joined a consultancy firm thinking he wouldn't spend a year there but instead he ended up staying there for four years. By this time he had sufficient funds to try to build his startup again and so he took that risk, he left his company and started working on his idea yet again."

Fast forward to 2021 and now this guy is the CEO of Zomato (my go-to app for ordering food haha). He is none other than Deepinder Goyal, that same man who depended upon his teachers to show him the answer keys for his school tests and now his company has had a very successful public listing at a valuation of $12 billion.

Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO, Zomato

"The big learning for me was that if you continue to progress you are always going to continue meeting people better than you and you are always going to work hard to stay on top of the game... That hard work is never going to stop,” he says.

This story teaches us many things, It teaches us that marks obtained from School Examinations are not as important as you think. The School tests are not even close to what you are gonna face in the rest of your life. It teaches us that being average in childhood does not overshadow your whole life and most importantly, it teaches us that a person should take risks at least once in his lifetime regarding his career.

You must have followed many popular celebrities, sportspersons, actors, models, etc. But has anyone asked them about their SAT scores or marks obtained in school? Nada. Because they didn't let those scores affect their career in any way and no one really cares about your marks tho except for your nosy relatives and neighbors 🤥. All they care about is your success, your money, your wit and sense of humor and your looks sometimes. Let alone celebs, ask your parents whether they remember their marks obtained in 9th Grade. They'll hardly remember because those marks don't matter at all! The person who quoted the line "A single piece of paper cannot decide your future" was probably a chad person with a successful life.

It's alright if you've scored less and if you are depressed or upset or feel let down sometimes. Remember, neither hardships nor good times are gonna stay with you forever. What really matters is your experience and how you overcome those challenges and doing that, it makes you immune and stronger than before. Do what makes you happy, Do everything you've ever aspired to do and most importantly, Do not be afraid to take risks as Risk is one of the most important aspects of life. Without risks, there is no thrill in living life, All great things in history have started with a risk, a risk to succeed, a dream to fulfil, a goal to achieve. No one is Successful, without having to take risks in his lifetime.

Thanks for reading. This blog was meant for everyone who are upset due to their recent tests and also those who are afraid to take risks about their career and not doing something because they don't know how will it work out like starting your business or start content writing. Its alright guys, Life does give out opportunities sometimes to redeem and prove yourself. Just step up and give it a shot.

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