Survival of the f̶i̶t̶t̶e̶s̶t̶

So 2022 hasn't exactly started the way we wanted it to be. With the rise in COVID cases again, it's safe to say that not everyone's year has started "Happy" as they wanted it to be.

But we don't know what's the year gonna hold for us so we have to wait till the good days come😓.

Now, if we look back to the past two years, You'd realize that you have changed a lot since the beginning of the pandemic and this goes for everyone. Everyone has gained or lost something. Some people have become more resilient than ever whereas some are still upset with their lives. But, the biggest takeaway from here is that we all have survived this tough phase together. It may have taken things from us but we've come a long way since that. And the fact that we've adapted to this 'Pandemic Life' somehow amuses me that humans are capable of achieving anything.

"Survival of the fittest" This phrase by Charles Darwin is applicable even today. But the meaning of Survival differs from what it meant earlier. To survive today means the ability to stay strong even after setbacks and keep moving forward despite losses. One of the things you can do to cope up with your losses is socializing.

People say that it's okay to be an introvert but it's not. You have to express your thoughts to someone around you. Having no one to talk about is one of the main causes of depression and the solution is easily preventable. Everyone is fighting their own battles, we just don't seem to notice it because they don't tell us about it and they are the only ones who suffer because of it and I think that's where they are wrong. Don't keep it to yourself because sometimes, holding on to something hurts more than letting go.

Talk to someone you can relate with. Make friends, talk to them, make them listen to what you say, and make them understand what you are going through. Making friends is what keeps you sane throughout your life and being sane is an essential part of surviving.

Socializing is the key to everything. In the long run, having friends, acquaintances, and connections always adds to your benefit, and ultimately, it helps you survive.

Socializing also requires confidence. Just trust yourself and talk to other people. It may seem difficult at first but it's not as difficult as you think it is. Start talking to more and more people. Find out topics to talk about. Be open while speaking and don't mind even if some people aren't listening to you or not. At least you've conquered the fear of not being able to talk and that is a huge win for you.

Thanks for reading! Of course, there are many factors upon which our survival depends. I just highlighted the basic and important mental effects that life has on us and how we can prevent or curb them. You can also share your views about the blog in the comment section below and if you liked it, please do like and share it with everyone around you. You can also become a site member for email notifications and newsletters.

Stay safe and take care!🤗

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