Your last academic year sucked, Few steps to make this year better.

Even though many teachers are putting effort into making online classes comfortable for students, their attempts are going in vain.

Last year was a mess when it came to online classes, and only a few were able to perform well.

Here are a few problems that I and my classmates faced:

1) No requirement to participate.

2) Distractions.

3) Housework or distraction due to other household members.

4) Teachers giving too many assignments as they think we are free due to lockdowns.

5) Not enough focus on conceptual understanding.

Even though I got fairly good marks, I still think I could’ve performed better if I would’ve done some things differently.

Here’s what I would’ve done/am currently doing:

1) Sleep: Have a sleep schedule, 7-9 hours if you’re a teen. This is critical as your whole body functions on this. Many of us took sleep really, REALLY lightly last year.

2) Your study space should have :

a. Isolation: Quiet and not near other people.

b. Lighting: Both for your zoom calls as well as self-study sessions.

c. Study material/tools near you.

d. Food/water near you.

e. Good WIFI range.

3) Participate in class: Hold yourself accountable and treat this class like a physical one.

4) Keep your hands occupied: The reason we go for our phones in the middle of the class is that our hands want to be occupied, what I’ve been doing is using a fidget spinner, you can crochet, do hand stretches, play with a ball etc.

5) “Study with me” videos: Sometimes all you’re looking for is a friend or a group to work with, this will help! LINK

6) Have a morning routine: Shower, eat, everything you would do during physical classes.

7) Schedule your day around assignments, classes etc. It helps!

8) Do assignments with your friends/in groups: Most likely you all got the same assignments, help each other out.

9) Private tutors: If you can afford tutors, do hire them. From personal experience, I can tell you, They work.

10) Lastly, complete assignments as soon as you can.

I hope this blog post helped you, best wishes for this academic year.

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